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Wat Indharawihan
Wat Indharawihan


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Operating time: 08.30 - 20.00

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    Wisutthikasat Road, Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

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Wat Intarawihan is the royal temple of the third standard class. It is located at 144, Wisutthikasat Road, Bangkhunphrom Sub-District, Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok. It is the ancient temple builtabout in 1752 in the later period of Krungsri Ayutthaya era. The name of the builder was not recorded. The former monastery was a cement kiln and the monks’ dwellings were made with deformed canopies.

Today, the area of Wat Intarawihan is 21 rais, 1 ngans, and 65 square wahs. The north side is next to Krung Kasem Road. The south side is next to Wisutthikasat Road. The east side is next to Thewet Road Soi 1. And the south side is next to Samsen Road and Bangkhunphrom Intersection.

In Krungsri Ayutthaya period, there was no evidence about the official name of this temple. Local people called this temple “Wat Rai Prik” since the temple is next to the vegetable fields of Chinese people. Later, the temple’s name was changed into “Wat Bangkhunphrom” after the name of the village which Khunphrom was the leader at that time. Later, the temple was called “Wat In” or “Wat Intararam” after the name of the person who repaired this temple in the early period of Rattanakosin era.

In the era of King Vajiravudh (Rama VI), the monk committee changed the name of the temple since the former name is similar to Wat Intaram (Tai) and Bang Yirua Tai (Thonburi). The new name “Wat Intarawihan” has been used until now. Later, in the era of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the temple was promoted to be the royal temple on 22 March 2000. Therefore, the official name of this temple is “Wat Intarawihan Phra Aram Luang”.

The 3 entrances of the temple are the arches made in Thai art style. The middle of the top is the image of Phra Maha Burut Maha Phinet Krom at Anoma River. The right side is the image of Phra In and the left side is the image of Phra Phrom. The interesting point in this temple is “Phra Sri Ariya Mettrai”, a Buddha statue in standing position. It is 32 meters tall, 10 meters and 24 inches wide. It was built in the era of King Mongkut. On the head of the statue contains the relics of Buddha from Sri Lanka.

The wall paintings in the monastery are the biography of Somdet Phra Buddhachan (To Phromrangsee), the buildings of him, and trees. The lower floor of the monastery are the museum of antique items and Tripitaka Hall with the statue of Somdet Phra Buddhachan (To Phromrangsee). Moreover, there are the movable throne with a model of Buddha’s footprint, the belfry with tetrahedron shape, Phra Sangkatjai, Guan Yim statue, the outdoor museum, and Bo trees of Thailand, Lanka, and India which are rare trees. The temple is opened every day. Free admission.


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