About Phayao

Virtually enveloped by mountains and valleys, Phayao is a peaceful province. Though it has only modest facilities and conveniences, Phayao is an enchanting community with outstanding natural beauty and fascinating religious sites. Dating back more than 900 years, Phayao used to be an independent state before it became a part of the Lanna Thai kingdom in mid-14th century. Today, Phayao is a laid-back town surrounded by lush natural beauty. The lakeside strip of bars and restaurants is a perfect place to unwind and plan journeys into the countryside, within which many hill tribe communities retain much of their traditional lifestyles.

How to go
Bus companies which operate daily bus services from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) to Phayao include Transport Co. Ltd (Tel: 0 2936 2852-66, website: www.transport.co.th); Siam First Tour (Tel: 0 2954 3601); and Sombat Tour (Tel: 0 2936 2495).
Visitors can take a regular train from Bangkok’s Hua Lumphong Station to Den Chai Station in Phrae, or farther along to Lampang or Chiang Mai, and then transfer to a bus to Phayao. Call 1690 for more information.
There are no regular commercial flights to Phayao. Visitors can fly from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and then transfer to a bus to Phayao.

Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Memorial

The Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Memorial, located in the public park on the bank of Kwan Phayao, commemorates a former king of Phayao, or Phu Kam Yao, who was in power some 700 years ago.

Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Memorial

Ho Watanatham Nithat

Next to Wat Si Koam Kam is Ho Watanatham Nithat. The indigenous museum deals with the history and ancient relics of Phayao,

Ho Watanatham Nithat