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Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest is quiet and tranquil, set away from Chiang Mai city for 150 kilometers. The two-leaf and three-leaf pine trees here can grow only at the height of 1,000 metres above the sea-level. The pine resin can be used for tempering the string of traditional Thai instrument, Saw. Its sap can be mixed with the paint color for faster drying. To preserve the pine forest, the royal project has supported the villagers to earn their living from chicken farming and thus no longer need to sell the pine sap. This leafy forest will always remain at its utmost fertile as the Mu Se Khi, Karen ethnic groups living here, has the preserving custom. Once a child is born in a family, their umbilical cord will be tied to one of a tree in the forest. Considering each tree their own family member, Mu Se khi will never cut them down. This forest is truly a perfect spot for biking and boating. The weather is cool with the fresh breezy air. Come here to get closer to the well-preserved natural beauty and a chance to experience a slice of Karen’s lifestyle firsthand. Accomodation is available. Chiang Mai Opening hours: Daily 08.00 AM– 05.00 PM Contact: Ban Wat Chan Pine Forest, Amphoe Kallayaniwattana, Chiang Mai, tel: 0 5324 9349 Getting there: ●       By local truck taxi (song taew): Take Song Taew, the local truck taxi, from Chang Phueak Road in Chiang Mai city to Ban Wat Chan. The taxi leaves every day at 9AM and 11AM The fare costs 120 baht. It takes about 4 hours to get there via Samoeng. ●       By Car: The easiest way to get there is via Highway 1095 from Mae Malai to Pai by either 1.       Reach KM 80 and turn left to an unpaved road and continue for other 40 kilometers or 2.       Take the entrance at Wat Phra That and continue for about 500 metres. Turn left to the Chom Chaeng – Ban Mueang Rae – Ban Bo Rae route. The total distance is 165 kilometres. Or you if you prefer adventure road trip with beautiful view, there are 3 more routes for you to select, Samoeng-Wat Chan – Ban Bo Kaew – Nam Dong Sam Muen route, Amphoe Mae Chaem – Ban Wat Chan or Amphoe Mueang Mae Hong Son – Ban Wat Chan route, which are quite rough and unpaved.  You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle for serious off-roading for all the routes above.

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