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Protocol Travel is a Company which emerged from the gathering of people who have the same idea and intention from various professions.

We launched the company in Phuket at July,2008  and offer private or group tours, variety of budget cruises as well as the luxury yacht, affordable package tours all around Thailand.


We are intending to work together in order to promote the different perspective of tourism, our service is based on the sincerity, friendship and hospitality with the reasonable price to bring you to experience the uniqueness of Thai Culture and the beauty of Thailand’s Nature such as: Forests, Beaches, Seas and Waterfalls etc.

Furthermore, we are emphasizing on the Eco Tourism and Ethical Tourism that do not interfere with the temptation which lead to un-lawful and badness.

Our company is based in Phuket Island that located in the West coast of Thailand it is known as “The Pearl of the Andaman” It is recognized by the worldwide tourists as one of the must visit destination in the world in abundance of beautiful scenery and clear sea water including with completely facilities for tourists. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand, indentified as cone of provinces in southern, west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea, where its charming is never fade away throughout the year.

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