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Ban Tha Pa PaoAs the cold season is drawing near in Northern Thailand, cool breezes start to blow. The weather, though not so chilly that it makes you shiver, is cold enough to attract a number of visitors to this region. One of the amazing tourist destinations is Ban Tha Pa Pao in Lamphun Province. As soon as you get out of your car, you will receive herbal drinks as a welcome drink. They not only are refreshingly sweet but also contain different chemical substances that can be used for medicinal purposes, depending on what kinds of herbs are put in the drinks. This is the first local wisdom we learn from this ecotourism destination.Ban Tha Pa Pao is a mid-sized Tai Lue village with 834 residents and 215 households. Most of the villagers are farmers and live a simple life by following His Majesty the king’s philosophy of Sufficiency Economy. They grow plants without using any pesticides or plant growth regulators. They also take part in conserving Pa Huai Sai Khao jungle, where there are headwaters of many streams that are the village’s sources of water. With the nearby protected jungle, they can collect, consume and sell forest produce all year round.  Due to successful nature conservation, the village won numerous prizes, for instance, Lamphun’s best tourist village, Lok Si Khiao (Green World) and Khon Rak Pa Pa Rak Chumchon (People Love Forests, Forests Love Community) prizes. These can pretty much guarantee how well the village can do in ecotourism. Activities provided for visitors include, for example, hiking, camping in the jungle, bird and animal watching, visiting the village’s organic vegetable gardens, having Khan Tok dinner and watching local musical instrument show. These activities will allow you to learn about nature, ecosystem, the philosophy of Sufficient Economy as well as local wisdom, lifestyle and culture under the slogan “eat enjoyably, sleep comfortably”Aside from the activities, those who are fond of local lifestyle will probably fall in love with the village’s homestay which permits visitors to live locally with villagers. You will definitely be impressed by the hospitality and generosity of the hosts.Prices include 500 baht per person for homestay, 50-70 baht for meals and 200 baht for a tour guide service. (All are subject to change.) For more information, please contact the village on 0-5300-6222.   

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