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Nong Khai

Chaomae Song Nang Shrine is located at Bueng Kan Hospital. The locals believe that the deity was responsible for the annual death cases of the people living on the banks of the Mekhong River.Therefore, they perform a ritual to pay respect to Chaomae Song Nang for safety and it is where local people come to pray for their success in business and a safe journey, especially via boat. Numerous flowers, joss sticks, candles, garlands can be seen at the shrine.According to Pho Tu Chum Nak (“Chum” means the shrine keeper) and Pho Tu Hueang Phiufueang, the two senior local people, in 1594, Ho people drove Thai people out from the Mekhong River area. Thai people spreaded out and settled in various area along the river. During the emigration, Pho Tu Phrom lose his beloved wife who died of cholera. He only had two daughters left, Som Si and Bua Li. He emigrated to Chaiyaburi district (which is Bueng Kan province today). He decided to live in Don Ho Thung (actual Kud Thing) and told his daughters to live in Bueng Kan province, but they refused to go and decided to be single forever. Later, their father passed away and the body was kept at Don Ho Thung. The two sisters also got sick because they had nobody to take care of them. Finally, they also passed away and their bodies were kept in the graveyard in the area of Thujan Ma Tonhabueng (actual Kasikorn Bank). In 2005, the shrine was moved to the entrance of the hospital which is the actual location. 

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